The jewel in the crown is nonetheless Klaus Huber's "Ein Hauch von Unzeit I" for solo flute, an extremely demanding "lament for the loss of musical reflection". The flautist's agility buffs the piece to perfection, its musical facets dazzling.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
The music that Elena Firsowa and Isang Yun put on paper and Kollé conveys masterfully to the ear is an emotionally rich antidote to stress.
Aichacher Zeitung
Andrea Kollé demonstrates the level of musical and technical refinement that can be attained by a single flute... An extraordinary recording.
Musikmark, Germany
The recording shows very strong technical skill and effective stylistic differentiation.
Flöte Aktuell
Press reviews of the CD Songs without words:

Andrea Kollé's delicate and supple sound draws atmospheric colour from the miniatures and ensures brilliant virtuosity where it is needed. Meanwhile, Jasmine Vollmer weaves sparkling, irridescent highlights through the catchy melodies. The result is a skillfully produced feelgood CD of astonishing variety - something that is underlined effectively once again in the final track, a Romanian drinking song.
Bruno Rauch Musik & Theater
One of the big problems with flute and harp as a combination, I believe, and speaking also as someone who has played in this combination for many years, is variety of sound. The two instruments together produce a wonderful sonority, which has been exploited in many ways by a wide combination of composers. But programming is difficult, because after a while the sound can become sickly-sweet, and can fall into the trap of stereotyped, pretty music. When I first received this CD it seemed like another disc of nice-sounding, undemanding repertoire. To an extent, of course, it is, but it goes beyond that. The performers treat each of the works differently, and perform with sensitivity, intelligence and excellent communication. The programming is interesting and imaginative, and put together with much thought. This duo has only been working together since 2005; I very much look forward to more from them in the future.
Carla Rees MusicWeb
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